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PLAB 2 Training Course


“You have demonstrated that you know how to do something in Part 1, and now in Part 2 you will show how you would do it.” General Medical Council UK

The following video has kindly been made by the General Medical Council UK to help familiarise prospective candidates to the new format of the exam.


New PLAB 2 exam

“The PLAB test is becoming more rigorous and more
reflective of real-life practice.” General Medical Council (GMC,UK)

1) Assess candidates’ professionalism and understanding of ethics as well as their clinical knowledge and skills. For example, testing doctors’ understanding about a patient’s right to make a choice
about their care.

2) 18 stations – 2 minutes to read the task and 8 minutes to perform the task. Minimum of 2 rest stations

3) Candidates will be tested on three domains: Data-gathering, technical and assessment skills, Clinical management skills and Interpersonal

4) For the Part 2 exam, we are changing the way we set the pass mark to use an internationally recognised method known as borderline regression. On the day, we will use the results from all the candidates to set the pass mark for each scenario. It’s more accurate than our current method which only uses the results of those candidates judged to be borderline.

  • Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) format – tests clinical competence – ‘the habitual and judicious use of communication, knowledge, technical skills, clinical reasoning, emotions, values, and reflection in daily practice for the benefits of the individual and the community being served.’
  • PLAB 2 assesses your aptitude to behave as a doctor, your communication and clinical skills and level of spoken English.
  • The examination is held only in Manchester.
  • Key competencies that are tested:
    • Clinical skills
    • Examination techniques
    • History taking
    • Communication skills
    • emergencies and resuscitation

In stations that require you to take a history or talk to a patient, and in some stations requiring you to perform an examination, an actor (simulated patient), who has been provided with a detailed script beforehand, plays the patient. You should treat the simulated patient as you would a real patient in the real world.

You may be asked to examine a patient, take a history and give a diagnosis, or to carry out a practical procedure. The instructions also give basic information about the patient, such as name, age and major symptoms.


– THIS WILL INCLUDE ALL STUDY MATERIAL and unlimited practice until your exam!




The new course will be taught over 4 days and will encompass all the new stations that appeared in the exam since the change in pattern (Sept 2016). This allows students more focussed revision and to concentrate on relevant exam material.

The PLAB 2 course is an intense training program to help foreign doctors consolidate their current clinical skills and also to adapt their approach to suit the UK-based health system. The course will focus mainly on communication skills, building a strong doctor-patient relationship and the practical skills required to safely practice as a junior doctor in the NHS. The course will also give an exceptional insight into the equipment that is used in the UK hospitals.

  • For the practical skills section of the course, we will practice on manikins (the same equipment used during the real exam). PLAB Coach offers the widest range of the latest manikins to maximise student learning.
  • Each course will only accommodate a small group of students in order for each student to get the most out of their education.


Typical day:
Morning session: 09:00- 13:00 (note on Day 1 the start time is 10am)
Lunch: 13:00 – 13:45
Afternoon session: 13:45-17:00

Course content:
Day 1: Introduction to PLAB 2 and Integrated History taking stations
Day 2: Communication skills stations
Day 3: Clinical Examination stations
Day 4: Clinical skills stations
Day 5: Full 18-station simulated mock examination

Please note that whichever course you pick if new stations arise before your exam you will be invited back to have further sessions to cover any new topics.

In order to book yourself onto one of the above courses please select the ‘pay now’ option and just select the relevant course for yourself


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